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Loading Asus Express Gate ~ SOLVED


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I have been able to do a minor hack on Express gate on my P5Q-E based machine. As shipped, Express gate only supports up to x screen resolution. This doesn't look very good on a native x display and I wanted to change it. The files making up the linux environment are in a directory called ASUS. Most of the files comprising the system have an unusual ". Once unsquashed, you will find a relatively familiar assortment of system and application files.

Express gate uses TinyX, and the archive with the appropriate files is bs-tinyx. After modifying the setresolution script, re-squashing the archive, and putting it back into ASUS. SYS, Express gate now runs in x native screen resolution - pretty cool. With access to the file system and apps, it may be possible to do some other things, like hack in an xterm to make it a lot easier to poke around the Express gate environment and see what's there.

Tags: None. New updated instructions - as nice script - automatically adds all sqx files created, discards the rest. I use that together with a vbox image that directly works on the IMG. Last edited by Kano ; 31 July , AM. Comment Post Cancel. Terminal Got a terminal working in express gate. I copied over an rxvt binary from Puppy Linux. I don't yet know how to create a launcher for it in the normal panel, so I started it from xinitrc and it works great It's now much easier to poke around.

The file manager that is installed with express gate is brain damaged so you can only view USB storage devices, so I also copied over ROX, which works fine other than using default icons, since I didn't bother copying over all of its data. Next project might be to get mplayer working so internet videos besides just flash can be viewed, maybe also xpdf to be able to view pdf files.

What squashfs version did you use? Also did you alter the version file? I wanted to fix the pidgin package 1 byte change only for icq but when I recompess it then I only get an error message when I try to start. Originally posted by Kano View Post. Have you tried it with a hard wired ethernet link? Unfortunately I do not know enough about it to be more forthcoming. You said that the Asus website was of no help, but have you tried the forums there?

Dependant on the motherboard you have, there are some knowledgeable people there. If you make a post, also use the term "Express Gate" as Splashtop was rebranded as "Express Gate" on Asus boards as you are probably aware. Hope this helps.

Many thanks for the link which I couldn't find previously. Have put a query on there so will keep my fingers crossed that someone can help. John M Carter. Reply to author. Report message as abuse. Show original message. Either email addresses are anonymous for this group or you need the view member email addresses permission to view the original message. Perhaps not relevant to this group but I don't know where else to go for some help!!

David B. Bob Lucas. Yep - I know that and have said that I have a BT wireless dongle.

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