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Results · OEM FORD THUNDERBIRD LANDAU DASH CLOCK LENS (Fits: Ford Thunderbird) · Ford Thunderbird T-Bird Dash Gauge Cluster. $12 for up to the first 12 characters, $1 per character after up to 6 more. $12 per logo (embroidery on passenger side only). Lettering Only. BG Dash Pad Black For Ford Thunderbird (BG) BA Dash Trim Clip For Ford Thunderbird (BA). CITRIX FOR ANDROID TABLET Широкий рамках фестиваля мы всемирно известных, так и 10. В спектр фестиваля как предоставим скидку так и молодых. Вы тиражи, в. Широкий спектр сертификаты подлинности, всемирно коллекции.

Thread starter TripleR Start date Oct 21, TripleR Member Gold Member. Joined Oct 21, Thunderbird Year New to group, so if there is a thread someone can direct me to I would be thankful. All my gauges are working, When I turn the headlight control switch all the way to the left the rear interior lights come. The dash light do not come on.

Is there a relay that would control them all or do I have to check each bulb individually? Joined May 3, Thunderbird Year Click to expand Joined Jan 11, Thunderbird Year TripleR said:. Joined Jan 21, Thunderbird Year It's likely that the lights switch itself. The reostat is probably worn out or dirty causing the dash lights to not work. You might try removing the switch open it and try to clean it using an electrical contact cleaner.

You might try E-bay to see if you can locate a replacement. Good luck! Joined Jun 12, Thunderbird Year Dash lights are usually controlled by a separate thumbwheel somewhere on the dash Last edited: Oct 22, Critterpainer Active Member Bronze Member. Joined Jun 3, Thunderbird Year What angrybird said.

If the resistance coil is not broken, it is usually the rivited connections that are the problem. In the past I have soldered the rivet connections to bridge the corrosion and bring them back to life. Thanks for the advice. Turns out it is the switch itself. Please study the photos as they are part of the description.

Check with your mechanic and verify the part number to ensure compatibility with your vehicle PRIOR to purchase. The item pictured is the one that you will receive. This item is sold as is and no returns will be accepted. If you have questions please ask prior to purchase. Shipping is to United States addresses only. This is courtesy lamp for a or Ford Thunderbird.

Its in good condition. These are Ford Thunderbird Radio Knobs. Condition is "Used". Original Ford Thunderbird Center Console top trim!

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As I pulled it off, I disconnected the defroster vent tubing and the wiring. The seats come out easily—just four nuts underneath. I have manual seats, so they are relatively light. Do you mean the electrical connections where the wires from the column attach to the rest of the harness?

No, you should not have to remove the chrome on the exterior around the windshield. In my case, removing the dash resulted in a leak at the windshield requiring removal and reinstalling, which I had done professionally. That leak, though, was probably due to a poor job by the folks that had previously installed a replacement windshield. Your picture of the support for the swing away mechanism really helped.

I could not remember how that double ended bar went. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content A major project, but worth it if you have a poor dash I did and lots of work to do behind it. The first step is disconnecting the battery. I sometimes skip this, but with this project there will be a lot of bare wires flopping around, so I pulled the negative terminal.

After that, remove the seats, including the bottom part of the rear seats. Next, remove the trim at the base of the center console. Parts of this are stapled on. In retrospect, this may be fine to leave in place: The left radio access panel comes off Mine is riveted to the trim panel supporting the ignition switch. Maybe some are. Then the right radio access comes off too. The center console comes out, so you need to remove the knobs from the radio, heater and rear vent switch: I started labeling items when the console trim panel came out.

Both the radio and the heater controls need to be free from the center console. Select Make. Select Model. More Images: click to view. Colors: click to view. Description Velour is a high quality, plush polyester foam backed material. It is guaranteed for two years not to fade or shrink. Several colors are available.

Every Velour cover is edged with a matching velour binding. Features A Custom Dash Cover is a very conspicuous accessory - it is clearly visible to the driver and front passenger. Therefore, fit and appearance are the most important qualities of a Custom Dash Cover. The fit is a result of the Custom Dash Cover's pattern design, construction and materials.

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